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First, we need to be clear on what we mean by energy healing.  So let’s start with energy.  How is energy described?

In physics it is defined as:

  1. the capacity of a body or system to do work, or
  2. E, a measure of this capacity, expressed as the work that it does in changing to some specified reference state, and measure in joules (SI units).

Medically speaking, energy is defined as the force driving and sustaining mental activity. In psychoanalytic theory the source of psychic energy is the id.

There are many different kinds of energy, like kinetic (motion), light, heat, sound, electrical, psychic, radiant and so on.

Now consider healing. It can be defined as:

  1. The restoration of health,
  2. To set right or repair, or
  3. To restore a person to spiritual wholeness.

What is Healing With Energy then?

If follows that if we combine healing with energy, we are restoring health by using some sort of energy.  However, there is more than one way to heal with energy.  In fact there are many different forms of energy healing therapies.  Some of the better known include:

  • Acupuncture (stimulates body points to allow energy in)
  • Ama-Deus (promote spiritual growth, support healing)
  • ARC Therapy (combines diagnostics and energy treatment)
  • Body Talk Therapy (based on neuromuscular biofeedback)
  • Chakra (energy force centers useful in healing)
  • Chios Energy Healing (chakra, radiatory and seventh-layer healing)
  • Healing Codes (bio-energy directed at healing centers)
  • Huna (connect with wisdom within to bring about healing)
  • Johrei Healing (dispel negativity, increase vitality)
  • Kolaimni (non-touch “etheric massage”)
  • Longevitology (hands on adjustments)
  • Matrix Energetics (merges touch and intent)
  • Meridian Tapping Techniques (tapping sequences repair disturbances in body’s energy system)
  • Pranic Healing (nontouch energy-based technique)
  • Quantum Touch (light-touch energy therapy)
  • Reiki (hands-on healing using life force energy)
  • ThetaHealing (focuses on thought and prayer)

As you can see, there truly is a wide range of healing methods that use energy to restore health!

Each of these techniques has supporters who think the technique is the answer for every problem, and others who dismiss the method as hogwash.  In many cases, the true answer probably lies somewhere in-between the two extreme schools of thought.

So let’s explore the different methods, and learn more about healing with energy!

Theta Healing: Is It For You?

Have you heard about theta healing?

Theta Healing, Self healing, Art of Healing
Self healing, Art of Healing—h koppdelaney (Flickr.com)

There are all sorts of studies now being conducted, and confirmed, pointing to emotional stress as a cause for illness. Many alternative healing practices are also coming out trying to help people with such problems – and theta healing is one of them. The health of the body is very dependent on the well-being of the mind. A lot of factors contribute to the decline in one’s immune system, the deterioration of one’s strength and the overall bad condition of the body.This new technique seeks to remedy these problems through the use of the Theta Brainwave Technique. This technique is said to rewire the brain to include the Theta cycle to help you see the Creator of All That Is induce instant physical and emotional healing.

The next article, which can be found on the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge’s website, introduces newcomers to the idea of pursuing this new practice of healing.

Theta Healing the Body by Rewiring the Brain

Theta Healing® is designed by Vianna as a therapeutic self-help guide to develop the ability to change on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using the Creator of all That Is. ThetaHealing® is best known for the Belief and Feeling Work on all four levels; Core, Gene, History, and Soul. With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion can contribute to disease and the awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct bearing upon our physical health, there is increasing interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health. Belief and Feeling Work empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. ThetaHealing® can be most easily described as an attainable miracle for your life.

The most profound discovery about this technique is it can be taught to others. Vianna, the founder of ThetaHealing®, has taught this technique to thousands of people. Original story here.

Treating the body by treating the mind is a good way to return the body into a healthier state without resorting to medicine or procedures. It’s also a teachable technique that can benefit you and those around you.

Theta healing is not a religion and does not exclude different beliefs. It merely enhances the mind in order to heal the body. Its most popular concept is the 7 Planes of Existence. Here the practitioner is able to achieve the highest form of clarity and healing. And because this technique is teachable, it’s possible to learn it for yourself and share it with others. With the proper teachers, you too can heal your body by manipulating your brain. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to share it with everyone you know. Also, don’t forget to like it. Check out our home page for more information about different methods of energy healing.

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Helpful Healing Codes Review for the Codes Newbie

Natural healing, 49
Natural healing, 49—KushiInstitute (Flickr.com)

In this day and age, going to the doctor’s office can be quite expensive. That’s why reading through a Healing Codes review can help not just save money but save your life. If you are suffering from a particular condition that requires special medical attention, then you can run up medical bills reaching the thousands of dollars mark. Now, they say you can’t put a price on health but in these cases, losing money for treatments can just be as bad as suffering through an ailment.

The Healing Codes is a non-invasive way of treating these conditions without having to pay thousands of dollars. It teaches you a simple routine or exercise than would effectively cure you of your condition without taking any medication or undergoing any operation. It may sound too good to be true, but the Healing Codes do exist and they can work for you.

Ann King, blogger at TryNaturalHealthCures.com, talks about what she thought of the Healing Codes and how it changed her life in the post below.

Helpful Healing Codes Review for the Codes Newbie

What are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes are a form of energy medicine. They work on four healing centers of the body. You use your fingers to point at these energy centers, described as “pointing your fingers like little flashlights toward the healing center.”

I would guess they are called “codes” because there are set sequences. You might point at healing center #1 with the fingers of both hands, then point to healing center #2 with your right hand and at the same time point at healing center #3 with your left hand. Then you might point the fingers of both hands at healing center #4. It varies. Each code has its own unique sequence.

How long does it take to do the codes?

These codes can have anywhere from one to eight steps, using your hands to point to specific centers in a certain sequence. Generally speaking, you do one step for 30 seconds – that is, point your fingers at 1 or 2 specific healing centers, then move on to the next step, and keep rotating the sequence for 5 to 10 minutes. Original story here.

Stress, fatigue and the hustle-an-bustle of modern living can take its toll on the body. Not only can you be physically sick, you may be crippled emotionally and spiritually as well. The Healing Codes can address all these problems and more.

Here’s another way digesting a Healing Codes review can help you. If you’ve read the about original article, you will find out that you can actually perform the Healing Codes on someone else. That means, more than one person can benefit from the Healing Codes at a time. It’s not a one-time thing either. Knowing the Codes can help you out for life. If you liked this post, go ahead and share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to click the like button. Check out the healing codes home for more information.


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Does EFT Work? Find out!

If you’ve heard of EFT, you may be wondering, “Does EFT work?”

Emotional freedom technique, EFT Chin Point www.tap4health.com
Emotional freedom technique, EFT Chin Point www.tap4health.com—thetappingman (Flickr.com)

Perhaps you suffer from severe anxiety and stress which can hinder your everyday life. Some people go to a therapist to relax and have someone to converse with, while some who go into more serious cases even get medication.

Depression can also be a problem in coping with everyday life.  It has also been one of the major causes of obesity amongst Americans these days. Hence, many opt for various alternative healing methods, one of which is the use of tapping and EFT.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a kind of energy healing practice that is done with the application of acupressure points on various parts of the body. It can be assisted with the help of a therapist or even on your own when you feel stressed.

Does EFT Work In Curing Stress And Anxiety?

EFT was introduced in the 1990s, but recently its popularity has surged. This year, more than half-a-million people signed up for the world tapping summit.

“I believe within a few years we’ll see it in many hospitals, many mental health clinics,” declared Church.

But the question remains: does it work? Church and fellow tapping practitioners have published many small-scale studies showing positive results. Like this one, to be published in the October Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, that found stress hormone levels dropped 24% after tapping. No drop was found in the control group.

“So their internal stress biochemistry changed as their emotional state changed as well,” explained Church.

But not all researchers are convinced. a study out of Canada found that while tapping accupressure points did show a significant decrease in anxiety and fear, tapping other parts of the body, or even a doll, offered similar results.

The American Psychological Association says many more large-scale, peer-reviewed studies must be performed. Original story here.

Many are still in doubts of the effectiveness of the EFT technique to heal and bring back the balance in anyone’s life. But more and more research and studies are leading to its proof that it has made a lot of good changes in other people’s lives.

So to answer the question ‘Does EFT work?’ it is important to further unravel the helpful mystery behind this alternative healing method. But the fact that it can help is way better and safer than even getting addicted to a wide number of pills that medical doctors prescribe to you each day.

Stay safe and give EFT a try if you feel extremely stressed on some days of your life. Share this information to your friends and family over Facebook and Twitter. Visit us for more new discoveries in healing therapy by visiting us at Healing With Energy.

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Studies Find Acupuncture for Shingles More Effective than Ibuprofen

You can use the energy healing power of acupuncture to help shingles, and it works better than a med like Ibuprofen!

Taiwan Taipei Acupuncture
Taiwan Taipei Acupuncture—Tomas Fano (Flickr.com)

Many different methods for alleviating pain, without the help of medication, are now being studied. Once such study is focusing on the effect of acupuncture for shingles pain relief. Our society’s dependence on drugs to cure or calm us is slowly becoming worse and worse. Aside from possible side effects that these medication can cause us, it’s possible to cross the line of dependency into addiction.That’s why looking for alternative sources for pain relief is important. Shingles (or Herpes Zoster) is a painful skin rash often caused by the dormant chickenpox virus that reactivates after you have gotten better. Mostly found in older adults and those with a compromised immune system, the condition is non-fatal but extremely uncomfortable.The following post, found on HealthCMI.com, talks about the recent study which was done to observe the effects of acupuncture combined with moxa roll stimulation in alleviating the pain due to shingles.

Studies Find Acupuncture for Shingles More Effective than Ibuprofen

New research concludes that acupuncture combined with moxibustion successfully alleviates herpes zoster neuralgia, nerve pain due to shingles. A total Acupuncture for Shinglesof 37 cases were divided into two groups. Group 1, the medication group of 19 cases, received ibuprofen, vitamin B1 and vitamin E. Group 2, the treatment group of 18 cases, received acupuncture and herbal moxa roll heat stimulation.

Following the 7 day session, one patient in the medication group was diagnosed as cured while 5 patients in the acupuncture combined with moxibustion group were diagnosed as cured. Significant improvement was diagnosed in 13 patients in the medication group and 12 patients in the acupuncture combined with moxibustion group. No progress was reported in 5 patients in the medication group while only one patient in the acupuncture-moxibustion group did not respond to therapy. Original story here.

The study found that the combination of acupuncture plus moxibustion had very positive results. They found a handful more of people were diagnosed as cured in the combination treatment than those in the medications group.

Though further studies on acupuncture for shingles relief is still needed, this research gives the endeavor a viable outlook. If you or someone you know is allergic to medication but who suffers from herpes zoster, then they can opt to try alternative treatments. Just be sure to have your physician OK the procedure. If you liked this post, make sure to share it. Also, go ahead and click the like button.

You can also learn more about acupuncture for wellness by clicking here.

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