What Is Pranic Healing?

Ever wonder what in the world in pranic healing?

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The body was designed to heal itself after it gets injured or hurt, at least, this is one of the foundations of pranic healing. So what is pranic healing?  It’s a method of focusing energy into healing the body.This type of healing does not require touch or ointments.

By utilizing meditation, pranic healers are able to target an area of the body and cleanse it of its diseased energy. Doing this entails knowledge of the body’s vital life energy and various healing techniques. Pranic healing goes beyond mending the physical. It can also solve psychological problems as well.

This article, written by Mekhla Mutoo, talks about how pranic healing worked for her and the theory behind its healing process.

What is Pranic Healing?

‘Pranic’ comes from the word ‘prana’. Prana is an ancient term used in India to describe life force or life energy. It is also called ki, chi and ruah by the Japanese, Chinese and the Jewish respectively. Every person has a physical body and an energy body that interpenetrates it and extends beyond it, forming what is known as an aura. The existance of the energy body was validated in 1939 by an eminent Russian scientist, Dr. Kirlian, who took photographs of the energy body and to this day, the Kirlian effect is being used in many fields from agriculture to criminology.

Pranic Healing is a powerful and effective no-touch method of energy healing, and Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui is the founder of its modern form. It is based on the fundamental principal that the body is a ‘self-repairing’ living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself.

Pranic Healing is not meant to replace allopathic medicine but to complement it. (Original story here.)

Once you know what is pranic healing, you can decide whether this form of alternative medicine is foryou. This form of healing should not be a replacement to conventional medicine, the article warns, but be used as a complement to it.

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